What others say about Regenesis a powerful form of Energy healing

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Regenesis was developed by Robert Rasmussen of Santa Cruz, California, a world-acclaimed master healer. It gathers both its power and its breadth by going to the ultimate common denominator - energy. Specifically, Regenesis works with an energy known to the Chinese as source chi.

In Regenesis, it is referred to as fetal energy because that is when it is most active. This is our template, the energy "shape" that guides the development of our physical bodies. Regenesis works by restimulating that energy, bringing it back to its fetal level of activity. Clients then heal themselves, using this energy and their body's own innate wisdom. Joints painfully out of alignment seem to melt into place, effortlessly. Tissues regenerate and hearts mend, emotionally as well as physically. By addressing issues at their root, Regenesis treatments are holistic in the largest sense of the word.


* Alleviates or eliminates pain, both chronic and acute

* Reduces stress

* Corrects skeletal misalignments - relieves back pain, sciatica, and TMJ syndrome

* Promotes metabolic homeostasis - promotes normal functioning of the endocrine system

* Alleviates the symptoms of chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, prostatitis and fibromyalgia

* Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments

* Integrative - reduces fear and promotes a sense of well-being through major transitions, including death.

What others say

Dewey, Brentwood, CA

Regenesis is the result of 40 years of experimentation and repeated successful results. Various research projects are now substantiating the information that Bob received intuitively. His essential philosophies and work related to healing are incorporated in the Basic and Advanced seminars, two books (the Regenesis Workbook and the Advanced Regenesis Workbook ), pamphlets on a variety of subjects, a video demonstrating his work, and a video of Bob in conversation about his philosophy of life.

"In 2001, I came down with Endocarditis. This is a staff, bacterial infection which eventually affects the heart. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks and on antibiotics for 9 weeks. During that time Jim and Laurie came by as often as they could and worked on me.

I was told later that I had a 50-50 chance to live while in the hospital. When I saw the cardiologist after I got home, he said it was the worst case of Endocarditis he had seen, but the best recovery so far; but that I would need heart valve surgery or repair somewhere down the line...not maybe...when....and I hadn't even started working with Jim on a regular basis!! On Thanksgiving, 2001, I could hardly cook one item.

At that point I started working with Jim, and by Christmas I could do so much more. Working with him on a weekly basis, for over a year, I have nearly become whole again, doing most of the activities I did before. At the cardiolgist's appointment in December, he said that I was moving away from surgery rather than towards it. Thanks, Jim, for your miracles."

Pam, Benicia, CA

We are two Quantum-Healing teachers and practitioners offering Healing courses based on the Quantum-Energy. We practise and teach our courses in the style of the founder of Regenesis, Robert Rasmusson, who used Regenesis to directly work on physical and emotional conditions.

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