This is the story of Bob Rasmusson and how he founded Regenesis

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Regenes is developed over a period of 45 years.

In the seventies Robert Rasmusson intuitively tried to help people with physical problems through the laying on of hands--and found that he could. In the late 1970s he moved from the Bay Area to Santa Cruz and gradually developed a healing practice.

Robert Rasmusson had unique abilities, his reputation as a healer solidified, especially about his unique ability to "melt" bones back into their proper place. He usually saw up to one hundred people a week, and periodically held week -long clinics (12 hours per day) in Santa Barbara and other communities. Up to this time Robert Rasmusson solely practiced healing.

In 1980, Robert Rasmusson, together with two colleagues, a dynamic and innovative colleague with a Ph. D. in psychology, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, pHd, and a Kirlian energy investigator, founded a branch of Columbia Pacific University, a Northern California college, in Santa Cruz , called Columbia University Centre for Integrative Psychology. Robert Rasmusson designed a program in energy healing, and many students specialized in that program, obtaining their degree in energy healing.

Up to that time, the work was known as Robert Rasmusson's work. Robert Rasmusson's students came up with the name Regenesis based on Robert Rasmusson's philosophy that the body regenerates itself at the cellular level during healing. Robert Rasmusson felt that if starfish, lizards, frogs, and other animals could regenerate parts of their body, that capability was inherent in human beings as well if it could just be triggered.

He often likened a person's healing system to a battery. "Sometime," he said, we need a "jump start" to get things rolling again. If we experience grief and our "battery" is very low on energy, for example, we may need the help of another person to "jump start" our battery.

The people who experienced or practiced his work called the results "amazing"and remarkable," particularly when they have the sensation of bones "melting" into alignment, but, in Robert Rasmusson's opinion, the most remarkable aspect of the work is the simplicity and ease in producing incredible results. "Anyone," he said, "can learn and practice it effectively."

Robert Rasmusson was a man of few words whose message has extended far beyond his own personal work. Robert Rasmusson's life revolved around healing, teaching it and practicing it. His main and only mission in life was to help people.

During his 30 years of practice in the Santa Cruz area, he helped thousands of people from all over the world and taught most of the area's prominent holistic practitioners (some of whom now teach in the University of California, Santa Cruz , and other universities). Robert Rasmusson has trained thousands of doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners and laymen in Regenesis, and his work has been carried around the world."

Various research projects are now substantiating the information that Robert Rasmusson received intuitively. His essential philosophies and work related to healing are incorporated in the Basic and Advanced seminars. You can get more information from: the (www.) and (www)


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